Safety Flip Up Goggles

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Flip-Up Protective Goggles

“The flip-up feature comes in was very helpful and convenient while using these goggles because they are quite dark. It was a good fit for my large face and was very comfortable to use.” - Richard Finn

How Convenient Is This? 👌

Safety Flip Up Goggles

Safe: The elastic strap on these goggles can be easily adjusted and worn. The goggles will help you concentrate on the job and limit the danger of errors and injury.

Flexible: It includes 2" dark green flip-up lenses that you can simply raise to see what you're working on.

Comfortable: It has a vinyl frame that adapts to the face and vents for proper air circulation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does it have a clear lens inside?
A: Yes it has clear lenses

Q: What is the measurement across the edge of the goggles?
A: It's about 3 inches

Safety Flip Up Goggles Specifications