Screwdriver Magnetizer

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Easily magnetize and demagnetize your screwdriver!

This is a great tool and does exactly what it needs to. When magnetizing screwdrivers it leaves them magnetic enough to hold the screw, but not so much that it attracts any fines in the area. Being able to demagnetize the screwdriver when finished is very useful. Worth the purchase. -Traveller

Why Buy the Screwdriver Magnetizer? 

Strong magnet: A compact and powerful tool designed to enhance the functionality of your screwdrivers and bits. Utilizing rare-earth magnets, this device quickly magnetizes and demagnetizes screwdriver tips, ensuring screws stay attached during use. It's a handy accessory for anyone working with screws, minimizing the frustration of dropped screws and improving productivity.

Single Swipe: Offers immediate magnetization and demagnetization of screwdriver tips and bits. Includes a stainless steel key ring to easily attach to tool bags or backpacks.

Compatibility: Fits most screwdrivers, including precision screwdrivers, 1/4 slotted, #2 Phillips, and #3 Phillips.


To Magnetize: Insert the screwdriver fully into the magnetizing slot and rotate the shaft while drawing out slowly.

To Demagnetize: Insert the screwdriver fully into the demagnetizing slot and rotate the shaft while drawing out slowly.

⚙️ Specifications:

Material: Stainless Steel

Special Feature: Magnetic

Item Dimension: ‎2.2 x 1.1 x 0.7 inches

Item Weight: 1.1 ounces

Package Inclusions: 1 x Magnetizer