Scuffle Hoe Cultivator

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Fast, easy, and no more physical strain!

"This is a hidden garden gem! The point gets you into the ground and when you pull back the blade is on the inside so it cuts it. I have lots of bark areas AND a lot of gravel areas and it works sooooo well on both. So worth the money." – Amalia

Why Buy the Scuffle Hoe Cultivator

✅Effective Weeding Blade: Sharp, scuffle-style V-blade that efficiently cuts through weeds and soil. Works in soil, gravel, bark, and other loose material.

✅ Sturdy Construction: Made with high-quality stainless steel and a 54” fiberglass handle that allows clearing of large areas quickly, ensuring long-term durability.

✅ Easy-to use Design: The scuffle hoe blade is compact and maneuverable, allowing users to easily weed in narrow garden beds, between plants, cracks, and other tight spaces.


Q: Is the blade sharpened?

A: The front and back parts of the "V" are sharpened so the weeding action is maximized moving forward and backward through the soil. The curved portion of the blade is not sharpened.

Q: Can this pull out creeping Charlie?

A: The Scuffle Hoe Cultivator can be very effective on creeping Charlie if you can get to the roots, such as in open soil or gravel.