Seed Starter Tray Kit

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Get Ahead of The Seasons!

I was pleased with these seed starter trays! It has a good seal to keep moisture in, enough height for growth & good depth for seedlings to root! - Collin Silva

Why Buy Our Seed Starter Tray Kit?

✅SEED STARTER: Make the most out of short growing seasons with our Seed Starter Tray Kit! It allows you to get ahead a few months as you can grow your seeds in an optimal environment with the help of the tray & dome alongside its adjustable ventilation! It’s an amazing pick to increase your harvests or diversify your crops!

✅VENTILATION: It has two air vents on top with an indent which makes it easy to cover the holes & adjust your ventilation based on your specific environment & plants. There are also smart drain holes which prevent overwatering the roots of your plants which keeps them healthy & grows better! It’s a great tool that supports you in your gardening venture!

✅DESIGN: It’s made from high-quality durable plastic that endures from multiple seasons & years of plant growth. The upgraded design ensures a tight fit between the dome and base optimizing the effectiveness of controlling the temperature & humidity. Besides seed starting it can also be used to nurture young plants!

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are these trays certified food safe?

A: No, they are not.

Q: Good for onion starts? Pepper plant starts?

A: Yes, they are good for most types of seeds.