Serpentine Belt Tool Kit

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Easily Remove & Install Serpentine Belts

“I'm glad I bought this tool! Very handy when I need to repair my car. It made it much easier for me to set my serpentine pulley and it reach the engine's tighter areas.” - Rick L.

Why Buy Our Serpentine Belt Tool Kit?

EFFICIENT: This tool is for removing or installing serpentine belts on vehicles with spring-loaded automatic belt tensioners.

CONVENIENT: The two-piece extension bar handle design allows you to change the handle angle for increased leverage.

VERSATILE: This kit includes 24 inches handle with 3/8 inches square drive and a 9-1/4 inches adapter/extension with 1/2 inches square drive. The adapter fits on the handle in 8 different positions.

📝Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are signs of a bad serpentine belt?

A: If your warning lights show on the dashboard, heavy steering, cracked serpentine belt, squealing sounds, air condition not working, overheating cooling system, car engine stops completely.

Q: What happens when a serpentine belt fails?

A: Engine accessories will not be able to spin at the right pace if your serpentine belt wears out, becomes damaged or polluted, or breaks, resulting in lower power to the electrical system.

Q: Does it include a case?

A: No, this kit doesn’t have a case included.