Siphon Pump

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Easily Transfer Your Liquids!

"Works really well. Used this to transfer my gasoline and I'm very happy with this buy!" - Richard A.

Why Buy Our Siphon Pump?

✅ EASY TO USE: Efficiently transfers up to 4 gallons of gasoline, diesel, or water per minute. This Siphon Pump enables you to move liquid upwards as well as control the flow velocity. The pump has a mesh filter that prevents clogging.

✅CONVENIENT: Comes with a patented hose retainer clip that secures the hose to the source and enables one-hand operation, a Shut-off clip that lets you easily stop the flow of liquid and prevent spills, as well as a Weighted copper Jiggler, which is heavy enough to sink your hose to begin siphoning. It also has a useful spring to prevent kinks while also keeping the hose in place.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can this be used to transfer gasoline?

A: Yes, it can transfer Gasoline, Diesel, and Water.

Q: How to use this?