16-inch Snap Ring Plier Set

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Easily Remove Snap Rings!

"A must-have tool for DIYers! They're big and heavy duty and I guarantee that you will regret not getting these. It's a time saver and is perfect for large snap rings!" -Fredrick E.

Why Buy Our 16-inch Snap Ring Plier Set

✅EASY TO USE: This uses a spring ratchet locking mechanism to securely hold against circle tension and work with non-standard circlips for easy installation and removal of snap rings. It also has interchangeable tips and the frames are made with hardened, heat-treated steel for durability and long service life.


✅COMPLETE: Has both internal and external snap ring pliers for snap rings inside a bore or around a shaft and comes with straight tips attached and includes 4 quick-change snap ring tips: 2- 45 degree, 2- 90 degree.

  • Compatible with 16 inches snap rings.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: It also has external pliers?

A: Yes it comes with both External and Internal Pliers.

Q: How wide can the internal pliers open?

A: The internal pliers have a max capacity of 3-1/16" to 6-1/4".