Spare Tire Trash Bag

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Make more space in your car!

I really love this bag! It is made from very high quality ballistic material and was very easy to install. The bag can fit A LOT. After I installed it, I tugged on it back and forth and it was VERY sturdy and that gave me a peace of mind when driving down the road on highways and off road areas. I highly recommend this bag for anyone that is into outdoor adventures! –Yujia

Why Buy the Spare Tire Trash Bag? 

✅ Storage Solution: Provides a convenient and durable storage solution for collecting and carrying trash or other items during outdoor adventures such as camping, off-roading, and overlanding. It attaches securely to the spare tire of a vehicle, allowing users to keep their surroundings clean and organized without taking up interior space.

✅ Compatibility and Capacity: The bag features a universal X-Strap fitment suitable for tires ranging from stock size to 40" AT/MT. Measuring approximately 21x11x28 inches, it has a capacity of 25 gallons / 60 lbs. (100 liters / 27 kg) and is compatible with standard 30-gallon trash bags for easy disposal.

✅ Weather-Resistant Material: Constructed from reinforced 1680 Denier durable canvas with a water-resistant interior coating, the bag is double-stitched at strap and buckle areas for enhanced durability. Its design includes a nylon cover with anti-UV buckles, reflective strips for visibility, drainage holes to prevent water accumulation.


Q: Will this fit a truck tailgate? 

A: The straps are adjustable so some form of arrangement will work.

Q: Is it safe on highways?

A: Yes.


⚙️ Specifications:

Material: Canvas

Product Dimensions: 21"L x 11"W x 28"H

Color: Grey

Water Resistance Level: Water Resistant

Bag Capacity: 60 lbs (27kg)

📦 Package Inclusions: 

1 x Spare Tire Trash Bag