Spark Plug Rethreading Tool Kit

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Do It Like A Pro!

"Great tool for fixing stripped spark plug holes. Worked really well and saved me time and money in getting it repaired in a repair shop!" -John A.

Why Buy Our Spark Plug Rethreading Tool Kit?

✅EASY TO USE: Used to fix a stripped spark plug threaded port. The stepped tap ensures the correct alignment of the cutter in the existing spark plug hole while the extension tools allow easy access to the bottom of the plug recess (includes plug inserts).


✅VERSATILE: This is suitable for damaged spark plug threads and is used to clean and rethread spark plug ports with either a tapered seat or a gasket seal type spark plug assembly on a lawn mower, car, or another vehicle engine.

✅CONVENIENT: This Kit incorporates taper and lug taps together with an integrated ream to allow you to fix a stripped spark plug threaded port and repair deep-seated plug configurations.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How to use this?


  1. Cut a larger threaded hole in the cylinder head with a tap.
  2. Screw insert into the head.
  3. Screw plug into the insert.
  4. Use an expander to help seat insert by tapping with a hammer.
  5. Select insert that covers as many of the plug threads as possible to avoid carbon buildup (this can make unscrewing the plug from the insert difficult).
  6. Use grease on flutes and any cutting tool to catch shavings, clean often, and vacuum when finished (grease not included).

Q: What is the thread size?

A: It's 14mm.