Spill-free Gas Can

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Easily Save Gas And Save Cash With A Spill Free Gas Can!

Tired of your car smelling like gas? Sick of getting overflowed everytime you gas up?

Say goodbye to those problems with this gas can! Spill no more and save cash with this gas can!

Why do you need a Spill-free Gas Can?

Gas is necessary for maintaining your lawn, or handy just to have for an emergency on the road. But gas is also expensive, meaning poorly built gas cans are costing you more than you think.

Saving money by avoiding spillage is a great benefit. But so is having a mower or car that doesn’t smell like gas! Spill free gas cans prevent leakage of fumes and overflow whenever you refuel, getting rid of that heavy gas smell.

Spill free gas cans are easy to use, convenient and cost efficient. Any mower or driver who needs at least one of these!

Why buy our Spill-free Gas Can?

Spill free- This gas can is made with an autstopping function that prevents overflow once the liquid reaches the nozzle. Along with an airtight design to prevent leakage during storage.

Impurity safe- The built in dust cover and 20 mesh stainless steel screen prevent any particulates from getting into your fuel and ruining your mix.

Easy to use: The large viewing slit on the sides lets you keep watch of the contents and it can also be used with a pump or hose for easier fueling. The thumb button design makes pouring oh so easy!

Fast Flow rate: Thanks to the wide nozzle, you’ll get a flow rate of 3 gallons per minute!

Can come with a Gas Pump: There’s even an option to buy the gas can along with a Squeeze Pump, all so you could fill up easier and faster!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I fit more than 5 gallons into the 5 gallon can?

A: - You can squeeze a few more ounces into the can, however it is not recommended to store overfilled cans for an extended period of time. Best practice is to fill it up to the prescribed amount of the can.

Q: Can I use this for my SUV?

A: - Yes, it can be used for cars and SUVs as an emergency gas can. It is recommended that you extend the nozzle by cutting a piece of standard gardening hose and making it airtight, to allow easy use for vehicles.

Q: Will it cause fumes in my car?

A: - This gas can is made with to be airtight and leak proof, thus fumes will not leak out as long as the gas can is kept out of sunlight.

How To Use:

✏️Tip: It is best to test for any leaks before putting actual gas in, you can use any other easy to wash liquid such as water or sodas and shake the gas can while filled to check for leaks.

  1. Twist open the gas can lid to open, ensure that you twist hard as the lid has a child lock feature.

✏️ Tip: Ensure that the lid and the can fit tightly together. If they do not, you can look for a tighter fitting lid at your local hardware store.

       2. Pour in liquid such as gas or kerosene into gas can.

       3. Seal lid tightly shut.

       4. Tilt gas can over the fuel container that you’ll be filling.

       5. Press down the button to let gas flow into fuel container

✏️Tip: Make sure that the button is fully depressed to enable auto stop function.

      6. Store gas can in a cool dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.

5 gallon gas can:

  • Product Dimensions: 13.8 x 11 x 14.3 inches

  • Item weight: 2 pounds

Gas can with a Squeeze pump:

  • 5 Gallons

      • Product Dimensions: 13.8 x 11 x 14.3 inches

      • Item weight: 2 pounds

      • Gas Pump Dimensions/Weight: 16.6 x 2.6 x 1.8 inches/ 2.88 ounces

    Package Inclusions:

      •  1x Portable Gas Can (5 gallons)

      • Optional: 1x Squeeze Pump

    No muss, no fuss fast gas at 3 gallons per minute! That’s what you’ll get with this Spill-free gas can! Widely used by gardeners, mowers and motorists alike, this gas can has been their choice for excellent performance!

    For a quick refuel, you won’t regret getting this gas can! So get one to gas up and go now!