Spring-Loaded Coffee Tamper

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Gives The Right Pressure For Your Coffee Every Time!

“This tamper perfectly fits my portafilter and provides a level tamp every time. The adjustable springs help a lot with finding the right pressure setting for you. Each espresso shots are much more evenly tamped, and less channeling is observed. My friends can also now make their own espresso more easily and evenly.” - Justine White

Why Buy Our Spring-Loaded Coffee Tamper?

RELIABLE: This tamper makes coffee tamping easier, providing uniform pressure for a perfect shot of espresso. It has 3 interchangeable springs (15LB/ 25LB/ 30LB) that apply to the central shaft, which gives pressure directly to the coffee grounds to suit your preference. 

CONSISTENT: One press is all you need to have a perfect tamped coffee! Its ingenious design of leveling plate ensures your tamping level every time by resting on top of the filter basket as you press down on ground coffee. It is perfect for both aspiring home baristas and busy cafes.

QUALITY DESIGN: The coffee tamper is made of a stainless steel base with an anodized aluminum ergonomic handle and is spring-loaded, making it durable and easy to operate. It allows you to push ground coffee comfortably and consistently for a smooth, velvety, and simply perfect coffee.


  • Press and turn clockwise at the same time when tamping to create the best level result.
  • This tamper is spring-loaded and does not require additional adjustments.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is the 58.5mm works with ECM synchronika portafilter?

A: Yes

Q: Does it go deep enough to press a 10g shot in a 21g basket?

A: Yes

Q: Would the 58.5 mm tamper work with a Gaggia 58 mm portafilter?

A: Yes, the 58.5mm tamper does fit Gaggia 58mm portafilter. The measurement is based on the diameter of the tamping base.