Storage Straps

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Convenient Storage and Organization!

"Got this to organize my garden hoses and carry them around the backyard. Very useful and easy to carry.  It seems very heavy duty and could be used for many different applications too." - CJ Benson

Why Buy Our Storage Straps?

EASY STORAGE: Easily store and organize your stuff in the garage, house, yard, storage shed, workshop, car, boat, or RV. Made with super durable and weather-resistant polypropylene material and heavy-duty nylon hook and loop. It can hold up to 50 lbs.

CONVENIENT: Has a carrying handle making it easy to bundle, wrap, organize, and carry your gear. Use the handle to hang in the garage, workshop, shed, boat, RV, van, or truck. 

MULTIPLE USES: Organize, carry, and hang, heavy-duty extension cords, RV cords, generator cords, electrical cords and cables, garden and water hoses, air hoses, pool hoses, rope, building materials and so much more!

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the maximum wrapping sizes?


The 28 inches has a Max Wrapping Circumference of 26 inches. 

The 10 inches has a Max Wrapping Circumference of 9 inches. 

The 13 inches has a Max Wrapping Circumference of 12 inches.

The 17 inches has a Max Wrapping Circumference of 16 inches.

Q: Is there a minimum wrap size?

A: The hook and loop are oriented so that every strap can be wrapped down as tight as you need them to.



  • Strap Measurements (Length x Width): 10" x 1.5"
  • Max Wrapping Capacity (Circumference): 9" 
  • Max Wrapping Capacity (Diameter): 2.9"


  • Strap Measurements (Length x Width): 13" x 2"
  • Max Wrapping Capacity (Circumference): 12"
  • Max Wrapping Capacity (Diameter): 3.8"


  • Strap Measurements (Length x Width): 17" x 2"
  • Max Wrapping Capacity (Circumference): 16"
  • Max Wrapping Capacity (Diameter): 5.1"

28 "

  • Strap Measurements (Length x Width): 28" x 2.5"
  • Max Wrapping Capacity (Circumference): 26"
  • Max Wrapping Capacity (Diameter): 8.3"


  • 8 pack (2 of each: 10 inches/ 13 inches/ 17 inches/ 28 inches)