Strengthened Towing Strap With Hooks

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Safety In Every Tow!

"Great for clearing downed trees from roads etc. Easy to connect to a vehicle and the tree to drag them out of the way to be cut and disposed of. Very strong! - Jacob Parker

Why Buy Our Strengthened Towing Strap With Hooks?

✅TOW & RECOVERY: Tow from trees to cars with our Strengthened Towing Strap With Hooks! It’s also good enough to be used for recovery purposes, saving you or another car in a tight spot. It already comes with the hooks needed so you don’t need to buy it separately and it can handle up to 10,000 lbs or 15,000 lbs depending on the variant you choose.

✅DESIGN: This has a universal design appropriate for most cars, off-road vehicles, vans, Pickup trucks, and other models. But it does not apply to heavy goods vehicles. It has a 2” wide and 20 ft long strap that makes it useful for most applications while being tough & abrasive resistant. The bright color also makes it easy to spot.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are these nylon or polyester?

A: The straps are made of polyester.

Q: Where do you hook it up on the cars?

A: Your owner's manual should have information on the preferred towing points. Otherwise, hook around the axle supports.