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"I wish I had it last year before I fell off a ladder..." Glen Bateman

✅ Long Reach: This Telescopic Spray Wand can extend up to 18 ft. You can even adjust it by using just the amount of sections you need to give you great accuracy!

✅ Harness Belt: Provides better control and comfort during use. Lessening strain and weight.

✅ Flexible: It's compatible with most electric and gas-powered pressure washers. It also comes with 5 different spray nozzles to give you more options for range.

✅ Durable: This wand can take 4000 psi no problem! Giving you a combination of power and precision.

✅ Easy Installation: You can easily connect it to most pressure washer hoses since it uses the standard ⅜ Quick Connector. Just plug, twist, and spray away!

✅ User Friendly: With its Ergonomic Harness Belt and High-Quality Aluminum Construction, you can do professional-grade gutter cleaning on your own! 

⚙️ Easy To Use! User Manual 👉 Click Here!

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📦 Package Inclusions:

⭐ 1 x 18 Ft. Telescopic Spray Wand

⭐ 1 x Two Shoulder Harness Belt

⭐ 1 x Extension Wand

⭐ 1 x Gutter Cleaner

⭐ 5 x Wand Nozzles