Torque Wrench Multiplier Set

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Easily Loosen Lug Nuts Even Without the Use of Impact or Air Compressor!

“I tried it on my new truck and it worked perfectly! No more struggling with lug nuts. I positioned the tool directly over the lug nut and began turning counterclockwise. I was pleased with how easily and smoothly the tool unlocked the remaining lug nuts.” - Joshua C.

Why Buy Our Torque Wrench Multiplier Set?

EFFICIENT: It features a newly designed car wheel wrench for easily loosening truck tires lug nuts or car tires with less labor to get a necessary output torque without the use of an impact or compressor.

CONVENIENT: This provides more leverage on tight bolts where a normal tool will not provide the necessary strength to loosen them. Great for cars, trucks, and other vehicles.


📝Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is the anchor detachable in case you need to adjust its size?

A: No, it is not detachable.

Q: What is the main purpose of this?

A: When your standard wrench is unable to free some stuck lug nuts, you need to increase your torque and this tool would help you.