Tow Behind Spike Aerator

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Aerate Large Lands Easily!

Worked perfect! Made a big difference on my lawn, easy to use & just overall high quality! - Adam Everett

Why Buy Our Tow Behind Spike Aerator?

✅AERATE: Do you have a big lawn to take care of and don’t want to manually aerate your soil? Get our Tow Behind Spike Aerator! It’s a wide aerator that connects to your vehicle that covers a large amount of land easily, loosening up tough soil and making it great to grow plants & farm! It also has a simple lever design to engage the wheels instead of tines making it easy to transport around.

✅ROTATE: It features 8” diameter stars that rotate independently. This unique design makes it so that it continuously aerates the soil even during tractor turns. This results in fewer passes because of fewer missed areas, not only making it more efficient but also a joy to use as it saves you time & frustration!

✅DESIGN: Features an all-steel design with extra-strength double tow bar that makes it durable & reliable. With its design you can put on up to 150 lbs of weight making it even better for tougher soil & just better results overall. It has 11 tines that each has 12 spiked tips that can penetrate soil up to 2” in depth.


📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Would this work with a scag zero turn?

A: This equipment requires a hitch plate to attach the aerator to your mower. SCAG does offer a hitch plate attachment as an accessory for their zero-turn riding mowers! I hope this helps you and good luck with your next project!

Q: Can this be attached to a low crossbar (that I use to stripe my lawn) on my self-propelled mower?

A: This is for use with lawn and garden tractors, ATVs, and UTVs with a hitch plate. It wouldn’t be possible to attach this equipment and still be able to walk behind it safely.