Trailer Breakaway Coiled Cable & Switch

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Protect Yourself, Trailer & Vehicle!

"This was an easy install and the upgrade made it look nicer than the old. I would recommend this.” - Mark Stein

Why Buy Our Trailer Breakaway Coiled Cable & Switch?

✅BREAKAWAY: Get a reliable and secure connection with our Trailer Breakaway Coiled Cable & Switch! The cable itself doesn’t drag and is incredibly resistant to the conditions you’ll get into while on the road such as rust and corrosion. It’s made with precision and quality in mind as this system is an integral part of driving safely while hauling a trailer.

✅DESIGN: The switch box is just as durable as the cable being made of quality materials and is resistant to the conditions of rust, water, and corrosion. The cable is 6 ft long but is tensed so it won’t drag and it has protection covering it so you won’t hurt your fingers handling it.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does the plunger pull apart? When I pull the wires, the switch doesn’t seem to open up

A: Yes. The plunger should come completely out. Which then should apply the brakes to slow a runaway trailer.

Q: How long is the cable?

A: It is a 6 ft. long cable.