Trailer Spare Tire Carrier

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Be Prepared For A Flat!

"Needed a way to secure a spare tire to my utility trailer, and this spare tire carrier works great. Bought a lock with it, and together, they work perfectly.” - Jared Meyer

Why Buy Our Trailer Spare Tire Carrier?

✅SPARE TIRE: Be prepared for a flat tire when towing a trailer with our Trailer Spare Tire Carrier! This makes it possible and you can put it in the front of the trailer or even the back with no problem! It also has a twin nut design that secures the tire even more and withstands the vibrations that could make the fastener come loose!

✅DESIGN: Designed to effortlessly accommodate trailer frames up to 2" or 3-4/5" wide and tires of up to 15" in size. Whether you have 4 or 5-lug wheels with bolt styles ranging from 4 to 4 or 5 to 4-½. It’s crafted from robust, thick steel. This carrier is built to withstand the rigors of the road, resisting deformation and ensuring your spare tire stays securely in place.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is the bracket 12" long or 9"

A: There are two variants sized 12” and 9” long.

Q: Has it held up well to the elements or is it showing signs of rust?

A: It’s made of thick steel and can resist deformation. The galvanizing increases protection against harsh weather conditions.


  • Material: Steel
  • Trailer Frames: 2" or 3-4/5"
  • Wheel Compatibility: 15" wheels
  • Lug Nut Wheels: 4 or 5 lug nuts
  • Item Weight: ‎1.21 pounds 
  • Package Dimensions: ‎‎‎9.57 x 5.43 x 0.71 inches

    Package Inclusions:

  • 1x Trailer Spare Tire Carrier
  • 4x Lug Nuts