Tree Felling Wedges

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Cut trees safely!

They work exactly as expected in our rainforest where we have 7 acres of trees to cut down. Couldn't be more pleased and with so many options for the sizing, it makes for a great purchase where you can get exactly what you need. This is a much better deal than what we saw in our local big box store.  –TJ

Why Buy the Tree Felling Wedges? 

✅ Basic Tree Cutting EquipmentKeeps the cut open as you fell a tree, preventing the saw blade from getting pinched. Raised barbs over the standard smooth wedge to prevent spitting out. It acts as a chainsaw safety equipment that helps control the direction of the tree fall, protecting from trees that might roll back suddenly while cutting.

✅ Durable but Lightweight: Made from durable and high-quality PA6 +30%GF material,  capable of withstanding hammer blows. Lightweight design allows for carrying various size chainsaw wedges for different cutting needs. 

✅ Saves Work TimeSpeeds up the cutting process by using the wedge to keep the tree open. Convenient to carry, can be kept in your back pocket.


  1. Insert the tip of the felling wedge into the opening cut.

  2. Use a sledgehammer or felling axe to drive the tree wedge in.

  3. North Cut (Direction of Fall) : depth equals 1/4 of tree diameter, 45° to 60° total, including -20° lower slope.

  4. Felling Cut: level with the corner of the north cut