Truck And Trailer Wheel Pan

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Drain Your Wheels Hassle Free!

"I bought this because I'm tired of cleaning the oil out of the rims when I have to pull the axles. This pan fits in the rims nicely. Just the right size to actually hold all the axle bolts and wedges! - Kian Green

Why Buy Our Truck And Trailer Wheel Pan?

✅CATCHES: Prevent an incredibly hard-to-clean mess with our Truck And Trailer Wheel Pan! It entirely circumvents having to get a small piece of plastic and having to hold it there, this pan simply sits in place of your wheels and you can do something else!

✅DESIGN: It’s designed for 13 3/4" rims inner diameter and larger. It is made of incredibly durable material that can handle warm oil & won’t warp or become unusable. It also has a large capacity of 88 ounces so you won’t have to worry about bringing a second container.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does it warp with warm oil?

A: No, it does not.

Q: How many pans are there per package?

A: It is sold individually.