Tube Adapter for Hydration Systems

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Quick Water Refill Solution!

"Works well and is easy to use. Make an effortless refill on the go. Just be mindful and careful not to overfill." -Matt R.

Why Buy Our Tube Adapter for Hydration Systems?

✅EASY TO USE: While filling, the adapter expands slowly until it reaches its full length, which signals that the hydration pack is at its full capacity. Made with TPE polypropylene.

✅VERSATILE: This adapter fits a variety of water bottles and indoor/ outdoor taps and faucets. Has a filling time from a Tap of 2L in 45 sec, 3L in 65 sec, and a filling Time from a Bottle of 50 sec for a 1.5L bottle.

✅CONVENIENT: This adapter allows you to refill your reservoir through the drinking tube, directly from the faucet, or from a standard drinking bottle.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How to connect to the bottle?

A: Insert the bottle's threaded nozzle into the Tube Adapter and let the water flow from the bottle to the reservoir.

Q: How to connect to tap?

A: Put the Tube adapter to the tap, open the faucet, and let the water fill your reservoir.