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Clean a wider surface area up to 40% faster than other standard nozzles!

Need to clean the exterior walls of your house? Is it time to scrub the patio, garage and garden floors? 

Are you putting the work off because you know it’s going to take forever to clean it all by hand? 

Worry no more! Any kind of dirty build up is easily removable with the spray of a turbo nozzle attachment.

Why do you need a Turbo Nozzle?

This tool is a booster for your pressure washer. When you attach the turbo nozzle to the wand of your pressure washer, you can quickly clean just about any surface. 


This nozzle allows you to clean mud, dirt, and debris from brick, concrete and vinyl surfaces with a powerful spinning jet of water. 

The spinning water jet hits the surface area from multiple angles, quickly breaking down caked-on dirt and grime. As a result, this nozzle can cut your cleaning time in half.


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Why buy our Turbo Nozzle?

With this turbo nozzle, you’ll be able to blast away dirt up to 40% faster than the standard nozzles.

The attachment generates water pressure up to 2,500 PSI for an intense clean. This is ideal for cleaning heavily soiled bricks and large amounts of dirty

Made with durable materials, this tool can handle a maximum water temperature of 45℃ / 92°F. So, it is best paired with cold water pressure washers

It fits most pressure washers with a 1/4" (female) quick connect wand. The quick connect feature allows for swifter application so you can get to cleaning without much setup.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How are turbo nozzles different from standard 0 degree nozzles?
A: Turbo nozzles spin in a circular motion allowing you to clean large surfaces easier compared to 0 degree nozzles which shoot a single narrow stream.

How To Use:

  1. Thread seal tape or glue should be applied on 1/4” quick-connect plug to avoid leakage before usage.
  2. Connect the turbo nozzle to your wand or pressure washer.
  3. Get to cleaning! 

How To Unclog: 

  1. Remove nozzle from pressure washer wand
  2. Dig or poke the clog out of the nozzle with the help of a straightened paper clip. 
  3. Check if the clog has been removed. If not removed, try to push the clog by moving the paper clip back and forth again and again until nozzle is unclogged. 
  4. Once clog is removed, rinse the turbo nozzle thoroughly.
  5. Put the nozzle back onto your pressure washer wand and start your work.

⚠️ Caution: 

  • Not suitable for delicate surfaces as it can be damaged with the high water pressure
  • Do not use extremely hot water. Best to use with the maximum water temperature


  • Size (L x W): 4.33” x 1.58”
  • Material - Nozzle Body: Aluminum with Rubber coating 
  • Material - Nozzle Cap: Nylon 6
  • Material - Fitting: Stainless Steel 
  • Fitting Size: 1/4" (male) quick connect 
  • Max. Pressure: 2,500 PSI / 172 Bar
  • Max. Temperature:  45℃ / 92°F

Package Inclusions:

  • 1 x Turbo Nozzle w/ 1/4” quick connect fitting

This item is a pressure washer attachment only. Pressure Washer is NOT INCLUDED. 

With this turbo nozzle you can ensure your entire house is sparkling clean from your garage, driveway, patio and garden floors to your fences, exterior walls and even furniture.

You'll have no problem getting rid of dirt, dust, mildew, and even algae without exerting extra effort.