Universal Car Headrest Hooks

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A Great Storage Solution For Your Car!

"I use these to hold my extension chords in my work truck. I’m very happy with them, easy to use, super convenient, very strong. - Theo Ellis

Why Buy Our Universal Car Headrest Hooks?

✅STORAGE: Our Universal Car Headrest Hooks upgrade your car's interior by effortlessly suspending bags, purses, groceries, and more, saving valuable seating space and ensuring easy access to your essentials. Crafted in an ingenious S-type design, these hooks transform clutter into convenience. Whether you're front or rear-facing, these universal hooks adapt, allowing you to hang items behind the driver or passenger seat or face them forward to make use of unoccupied passenger space.

✅DESIGN: Unlike flimsy plastic alternatives, these hooks are built to last. Crafted from high-density stainless steel, they boast unparalleled strength and resilience, supporting heavier items with ease. Also, rest assured these hooks won't slide, bend, or break, even when loaded with substantial weight as they can handle up to 35 lbs.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need to tape it in place or something or is just hooking it on okay?

A: You only need to hook it on, the wide profile of the hook keeps it from moving.

Q: How much weight can it hold at once?

A: It has a maximum weight recommendation of 35 lbs.