Universal Car Phone Holder

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Why do we need a Universal Car Phone Holder?


This is the car phone holder that gives you all that you need when it comes to conveniently carry your phone in your car. It does not hinder your view or destroy the style of your car’s dashboard.

It safely but flexibly carries your phone for your smart traveling experience.

Unlike those bulky and unsightly car phone holder that does not fit to certain vehicle models.


Why buy our Universal Car Phone Holder?

If not for the reason above then it is because ours is super affordable despite its durability and style. You can’t find a car phone holder as good as ours and as sleek as ours. It is simply discrete and looks like it is part of the car itself like it the car comes with a car phone holder.

So yes, that is our car phone holder, the holder that you will not regret.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Does this work with any phone?
Yes, it does. It’s ‘clip’ is adjustable and can accommodate even the biggest smartphone in existence. It can accommodate up to 6.5-inch width of the phone.

What if it slips from the dashboard?
Don’t worry because it will not slip, this phone holder is guaranteed to have a strong grip on the phone clip and dashboard clip itself. 

So it does clips into the car, what if it scratches my car?
No, it won’t because the non-slip layer of the phone holder ensures that no dents, no scratch will be made in your car.

What if I want it to face the left or right? Can I move it?
Yes, you can adjust the angle where it faces the front, just tilt the screen of your phone in the direction you want it to face. 

Package Includes:
*1 detachable car phone holder

Bring and use your phone conveniently anywhere, even in your car with the slim and sleek Universal Car Phone Holder