Universal Electric Rotisserie

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Cook Delicious & Juicy Rotisserie!

This has been a family favorite! You could probably throw a chicken in here without doing anything & it'll taste amazing! - Cody Mooney

Why Buy Our Universal Electric Rotisserie?

✅ROTISSERIE: Cook & enjoy the tastiness of rotisserie in the comfort of your own home with our Universal Electric Rotisserie! It’s a simple installation & fits with any 2 to 6 burner grill that elevates your grill to the next level. Cook any sort of roast, ham or poultry as it cooks it to perfection in its own juices.

✅MOTOR: This has an electric motor which automatically rotates the piece of meat that you’re trying to rotisserie. It’s an optimal rotation which evenly cooks the meat & bastes it in its own juices making a consistently delicious meal every time you use it!

✅DESIGN: This has an optimized rotisserie rod length to use as much space as possible for most 2-6 grills. Includes a spit rod, electric motor & 4-pronged meat hooks for a wide selection of meat. Overall, it’s a versatile design that fits with most grills & can be installed in two orientations that’s easy to use & durable.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What's the weight-holding capacity?

A: This rotisserie can support up to fifteen pounds

Q: Will this fit my grill?

A: It will fit any 2 - 6 burner grill & the spit rod for this rotisserie is 26.5" long. Please check your grill to ensure that it will support a rotisserie and that the spit rod is long enough to fit the firebox.