Universal Garage Door Threshold Seal

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Keep Out The Elements!

"This is probably the best thing I have bought for my garage. Before installing this We have had a little bit of water that seeps in underneath the garage door when it rains.” - Joshua Bradford

Why Buy Our Universal Garage Door Threshold Seal?

✅SEAL: Say goodbye to water, wind-driven rain, snow, dust, dirt, and leaves infiltrating your space, while elevating the aesthetics. Installation is a breeze – a quick DIY task that lets you customize the strip to fit your floor up to 20 ft.

This 20 Ft long, 3.7-inch wide, and 0.6-inch high strip guarantees protection on various surfaces such as concrete, asphalt & painted or treated surfaces, ensuring a secure seal without compromising the surface integrity.

✅DESIGN: Purpose-built to withstand extreme temperatures from -40℉ to 284℉. This dynamic seal is perfect for those living in both warm and cold climates.

Spanning 20 FT, it incorporates a high-visibility yellow safety strip, enhancing safety for both incoming and outgoing traffic, while anti-slip ridges minimize risks. With a serrated grooved base for optimal adhesion, fortify protection and safety in your garage today.

❗ Reminder ❗

  • Does not come with adhesive.
  • If you're wondering what adhesive to use, it depends on the surface you're installing it on but generally Polyurethane Adhesive/Sealant or Epoxy adhesives are fine to use or construction adhesives.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this good for keeping drafts out?

A: Yes it can seal against wind.

Q: Is this safe to use on epoxy floors?

A: Yes, you can install these seals on epoxy surfaces.


  • Material: Rubber
  • Color: Black, Yellow
  • Length: 20 FT
  • Item Weight: 0.6 Inches
  • Item Dimensions: 13.78 x 3.54 x 12.2 inches

  • Package Inclusions:

    • 1 x 20 FT Universal Garage Door Threshold Seal