Universal Gas Shock Strut

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Multi-Purpose & Heavy Duty Support!

“It worked perfectly! I used this to help lift and support a hatch door leading to my 12x12 service basement. They do a great job of lifting and supporting it.” - Danny T.

Why Buy Our Gas Shock Strut?

HEAVY-DUTY: Each strut weighs 67lbs /300 N, whereas two weigh 134lbs/600N. These are strong enough that you can’t easily compress them with your palm. Suitable for lids or doors weighing between 50 and 100 pounds and its side lengths exceeding 35 inches.

UNIVERSAL: These are used to support or counterbalance moving objects. Most commonly used for Heavy-Duty equipment, such as a bed with a tiny compartment, an outdoor TV cabinet, marine projects, a heavy toolbox lid, a camper shell, a truck canopy, a trap door, a trailer door, a garbage bin, and other customized medium or heavy projects.

📝Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What tools do I need to install these?

A: You just need a screwdriver to install these anywhere you needed.

Q: Can I use this on a queen-size bed?

A: They will fit your queen bed. What you need to know is the weight of your bed; if it is 20-65lb, we recommend installing one; if it is more than 67lb, we recommend installing both.