Universal Water-Saving Toilet Flapper

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Maximize Your Toilet Flushes!

"The product was easy to install and worked like a charm. I no longer hear the annoying sound of running water all day and my toilet has been working great ever since!  - Luke Grant

Why Buy Our Universal Water-Saving Toilet Flapper?

✅REPLACEMENT: Our Universal Water-Saving Toilet Flapper fixes your running toilet water and has to jiggle your toilet handle to stop it! It works just as well as your original flapper and even has more functions such as being able to adjust the amount of water used in each flush allowing you to save on water & money!

✅DESIGN: The adjustable flapper fits most 2-inch flush valve toilets and is ideal for use in high-efficiency 1.28 to 3.5 gallons per flush toilet. The Solid frame 502 2-inch flapper features corrosion-resistant Microban material to prevent breakdown and leaks due to bacteria and chlorine and is chlorine and hard-water resistant.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does the lower number on the dial mean less water?

A: Yes, the lower number means that the flapper will close faster, and thus, use less water.

Q: Do you need a seal for this?

A: No, it seals with water pressure.