Universal Workbench Drill Vise Clamp

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Durable Universal Vise
with Heavy Duty Grip

“I needed a compact table vise for various projects. It’s easy to attach to a very narrow edge of a workbench. Just get the right adjustments and this works and helps you really well.” - Jonathan L.

Why Buy Our Universal Workbench Drill Vise Clamp?

Durable: It has a chrome-plated spindle and nut, as well as a hardened jaw, a non-slipping anvil, and a swivel lock leaver. With a jaw opening of 3 inches and a throat depth of 2.5 inches.

Universal: This fits most workbench and tables, with a maximum opening of 3 inches/77.5mm and a jaw width of 2.75 inches/70mm. It has a superior grip is provided by a 0.2 inch/5mm thicker jaw.

Efficient: The throat capacity is 2.5 inches/61 mm. Its 360-degree swivel base allows for a wide range of angle gripping positions. Even if you work with your left hand, you can adjust the vise to fit your needs.

Convenient: The oval swivel base design makes it easy to install and remove from a variety of workbenches. The non-slip textured surface boosts the jaw's grip force, firmly holding the material and saving time and effort while working.

📝Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where can I use this for besides woodworking?

A: It is designed for home, workshop, professional use, general-purpose and light work, ideal for woodworking, cutting conduit, drilling, gluing, metalworking, sanding or planing, sawing, etc. It can be used indoors or outdoors.

Q: Can I clamp a table board?

A: Yes, the table board up to 2.4 inches/61mm thick can be clamped.

Q: Can I directly install it on the board?

A: Yes this is an easy to install vise and you can directly clamp it to the workbench, making it ideal for use on any tabletop or workbench.