Utility Wet & Dry Vacuum

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A Flexible Car Vacuum Cleaner! 🚗✨

"Love this vacuum! Great for picking up my German Shepherd hair off of my truck's black seats. If you think that isn’t saying much just remember they don’t call them German shedders for no reason."

- Russel Case

vacuum dry and wet


✅ COMPACT: Lighter and faster In terms of both time and capacity compared to hand vacuum cleaner. And the Wet & dry vacuum's motor is separate from its airflow, meaning it won't short out like other vacuums when it gets wet

✅ FULL SET: The 2.5-Gallon Capacity is enough to handle wet or dry cleanups around the house, garage, or shop. It comes with a 6-foot hose and multiple attachments for easy cleaning.

✅ POWERFUL: The 2HP motor provides loads of suction power so you can finish general cleaning tasks fast and the Auto-shutoff function prevents liquids from overflowing for efficient cleanup


📝 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I plug this into my car’s lighter socket?
A: No, the vacuum cleaner runs off an electrical outlet; don’t try to plug it into the lighter socket. This runs off 120V, not the 12 volts supplied by many vehicles.

Q: Should I use a different filter of wet vacuuming and dry pickup?
 Yes, you should use the Foam Wet filter when suctioning liquids and the Cloth Filter when picking up dry materials.

dry wet vacuum


      vacuum dry and wet