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A Flexible Car Vacuum Cleaner!ย ๐Ÿš—โœจ

"Love this vacuum! Great for picking up my German Shepherd hair off of my truck's black seats. If you think that isnโ€™t saying much just remember they donโ€™t call them German shedders for no reason."

- Russel Case

vacuum dry and wet


โœ… COMPACT: Lighter and faster In terms of both time and capacity compared to hand vacuum cleaner. And the Wet & dry vacuum's motor is separate from its airflow, meaning it won't short out like other vacuums when it gets wet

โœ… FULL SET: The 2.5-Gallon Capacity is enough to handle wet or dry cleanups around the house, garage, or shop. It comes with aย 6-foot hose and multiple attachments for easy cleaning.

โœ… POWERFUL:ย Theย 2HP motor provides loads of suction power so you canย finishย general cleaning tasks fast and theย Auto-shutoff functionย prevents liquids from overflowing for efficient cleanup


๐Ÿ“ Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I plug this into my carโ€™s lighter socket?
A:ย No, the vacuum cleaner runs off an electrical outlet; donโ€™t try to plug it into the lighter socket. This runs off 120V, not the 12 volts supplied by many vehicles.

Q: Should I use a different filter of wet vacuuming and dry pickup?
ย Yes, you should use the Foam Wet filter when suctioning liquids and the Cloth Filter when picking up dry materials.

dry wet vacuum


      vacuum dry and wet