Vacuum Pump Brake Bleeder Kit

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Easy Repairs Done At Home!

"I have used it a couple of times and, needless to say, has saved me a lot of time bleeding the brakes. The biggest advantage is being able to bleed the brakes without the need for an assistant. The kit case is well designed and holds a number of attachments in order to do various tasks. Highly recommend this kit. It's perfect for motorcycle clutch and brake lines! " - Harry Adams

Why Buy Our Vacuum Pump Brake Bleeder Kit?

MULTIFUNCTION: This vacuum pump brake bleeder kit can test and diagnose a wide variety of parts and common systems on your bike, motorcycle, truck, pickup, or any other vehicle. Suitable for sucking out waste oil and air, and guiding the new oil to fill all the system.

PORTABLE: With a carrying case that is made of high-quality material, durable and perfect for both home and business applications, and easy to transport and store. Operate the bleeder by yourself without any assistant.

COMPLETE ACCESSORIES: This vacuum pump brake bleeder kit includes a hand pump with a gauge, 4.5OZ reservoir jar, 4 transparent hoses, 8 adapters, and a portable case, which meets all your needs.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do we need to plug the pump?
A: No, you don't need to use electricity or batteries for this.

Q: How long are the hoses?
A: 2 hoses are 20 inches and the other 2 are 4 inches long.