Wall Mounted Double Flap Pet Door

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Give Your Pets The Freedom It Deserves!

β€œWhen we purchased our home, we installed a generic pet door. Living in the mountains, the wind/cold/snow can get extreme. The wind always opens the flaps, bringing the cold into our home. We looked at many different pet doors and decided to try this one. The cost was A LOT more, but I can definitely say, we have gotten our money's worth! I have just purchased another one for our next home.” - Jennifer Diaz

Why Buy Our Wall Mounted Double Flap Pet Door?

βœ…EFFICIENT: This pet door can easily be installed on your wall, giving your pets the freedom and comfort of going outside and inside your house! Its double-flap design provides optimal insulation, reduces energy costs, and presents a comfortable indoor environment, regardless of the outdoor climate.Β 

βœ…RELIABLE: It is designed for maximum energy efficiency even in the most extreme weather. Its wind-resistant capabilities ensure a secure seal, tested to stop winds up to 50mph and resist temperatures as low as -40 degrees F. You can now free up your time playing doorman to your pets!

βœ…DURABLE: The pet door is made of a high-quality aluminum frame and interior wall tunnel, which ensures it is non-toxic and recyclable for long-lasting use. It blends perfectly in your home and is suitable for walls 2” – 8” thick.


  • Insulated pet door keeps your energy bill low and gives maximum protection.
  • Its UV-resistant polyolefin flaps stay flexible in the cold and won't warp in the heat. It also has adjustable magnets, ensuring the Flap Pet Door meets your unique insulation needs.
  • To get the right pet door size, you need to measure your pet’s height and width. To do that, here are the formulas:Β 
    • For minimum flap height = Pet height + Step-over height + 1”
    • For minimum flap width = Pet width + ½”
  • Pet Door Sizes:
    • SMALL - Flap dimension: 6” x 10” (rough cut out: 8-⅝” x 15” & outer frame: 19-7/16” x 16”). Great for pets up to 14” tall.
    • MEDIUM - Flap dimension: 8” x 14” (rough cut out: 10-⅝” x 19-⅛” & outer frame: 11-½” x 20”) Great for pets up to 21” tall.
    • LARGE - Flap dimension:10” x 18” (rough cut out: 12-⅝” x 23-1/16” & outer frame: 13-9/16” x 24”) Great for pets up to 27” tall.

πŸ“‹Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will it work on 2 x 6 wall studs?

A: The Flap Pet Door will work on walls up to 8" thick. Kindly check the dimensions, rough cut-out, and outside frame dimensions of your choosing. We always recommend consulting a contractor before cutting into a wall, and if you are not sure of the process or where electrical wiring is located!

Q: What temperature is this rated at?

A: It can resist temperatures as low as -40 degrees F with no problem.

Q: Is this door susceptible to freezing shut?

A: No, it won’t happen, as the door flap will remain flexible in -40 degrees temps.