Water Meter Key Wrench Tool

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Easily Close Water Meters! 

Handy Valve Wrench! The strength and quality of this water meter wrench impressed me when I received it. It has a good coated handle and it helps me to shut off my valves that cause leaks.” - Edwin Y.

Why Buy Our Water Meter Key Wrench Tool?

EFFICIENT: This makes it easy to open and close underground stop or waste valves, water meters, and curb mains or pipes.

4 IN 1: Features a 4-way multi-functional utility tool that has a sturdy and compact design. It can be used to open toolbox doors and electrical cabinet doors, and open train electrical elevator cabinet valves.

DURABLE: This is made of contractor-grade heavy-duty rebar steel and has a t-style super grip power handle.

📌 Note: The color of the handle may vary.

📝Frequently Asked Question:

Q: What is the notch section's width?

A: The opening of the water meter key is approximately 3/4'' and standard for this tool. 

Q: Where can I use this tool?

A: The water meter key wrench tool uses include: water meter on-off, curb or main water shut off, septic tank diverter valve to switch lead fields, emergency shutoff residential and commercial, fits most standard setups.