Wide Coverage Handheld Spreader

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Easy Material Spreading!

It makes seeding very easy! Has a knob to adjust to the seed you are using! I like that it rests under your arm as you turn the crank! - Eric Watkins

Why Buy Our Wide Coverage Handheld Spreader?

✅SPREADER: Avoid having to manually cover your yard with seeds or fertilizer with our Wide Coverage Handheld Spreader! You simply have to put the material whether it be seeds, fertilizer, ice or salt melts in the hopper, pull the trigger and you can start turning the knob making it easy to cover up to 1,500 sq. ft. of space!

✅COMFORTABLE: It’s intricately designed to be comfortable. It has an adjustable wrist rest that makes it easy to use this spreader for long periods of time & overall ease of use. It also has an incremental gate open design from 1-5 which allows you to customize just how much material you can spread.

✅DESIGN: It can handle enough material to cover 1,500 sq. ft. and it’s made of high-quality & durable materials that will last you years & countless seasons! It has been intricately engineered to make it operate smoothly even when it’s full of materials. The hand-crank makes it perfect for small yards & it works great for seeds, fertilizer, ice & salt melts!

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this work with coated seeds?

A: Yes, it will work just fine.

Q: Can it spread corn?

A: The largest spread opening on the dial ( 5 ) opens to 5/8". Measured square, not diagonally. If the product you are dispensing will easily go down the hopper through a 5/8" opening, the green wheel under the hopper should be able to easily throw the product out. If your corn will jam up going through a 5/8" opening, then this probably would not work for you.