Windshield Repair Kit

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The Cheap And Easy Way To Repair Cracked Windshields! 🚘✨

"I live in Montana where the roads can be sanded nearly half the year during a bad winter. I've got all kinds of impact marks on my windshield. I bought this kit and filled every single one of them on a sunny afternoon. I was pleased that one crack that happened to be right exactly in my field of vision while driving is now completely invisible."

- Johnathan Kensley

windshield repair kit

✅ EVERYTHING YOU NEED: The kit includes everything you might need for fixing minor to moderate-size cracks. And with a bit of petroleum jelly, you can even fix large cracks! The suction bracket sticks well to a clean windshield and allows easy application of resin.

Note: Petroleum jelly is not included in the windshield repair kit.

✅ MULTIPLE USE: The kit contains more than 2ml of resin and 5 curing strips. This allows you to use the kit more than once and is very cost-efficient.

✅ TRANSPARENT END RESULT: Repair is hard to spot even under direct sunlight. Your windshield will be looking good as new!


📝 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I’m worried about using my car in the cold after repairing it, would the temperature affect the repair?

A:  We recommend letting the resin solution rest for at least a day or two before exposing the car to extreme weather. There will be less chance of the repair backfiring after a few weeks or months pass.

Q: Is it dangerous for it to stick to my skin?

A: Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and clothing. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling as the resin solution contains methacrylates. The resin is easily washable with water. If any part of the skin is exposed to it, just run hot water over the exposed area.

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