4000 PSI Pressure Washer Gun

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High or low, left or right, you won't miss any spots no matter how tight!

Is there a spot that you just can’t reach with your pressure washer? Too high? Or Too tight?

Well, this 4000 PSI Pressure Washing Gun takes care of that!

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Why buy our 4000 PSI Pressure Washing Gun?

No Leakage: The durable steel and PP construction of the gun ensures no leakage during use.

Ergonomic and safe: The rubberised safety lock trigger provides both security and comfort for the user.

5 different spray nozzles: Give you the option of spraying from different angles, ensuring you cover all the right spots.

20” extension wand: Provides added range to help you reach those high highs and low lows without strain.

Flexible: This pressure washer gun can fit both M22 and ⅜ QC plugs ensuring that it fits most pressure washer hoses for wide application.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does this work for both Electric and Gas Powered Pressure Washers?

A: Yes! This is compatible with both Electric and Gas powered pressure washers.

Q: What’s the recommended working pressure?

A: This pressure washer gun can handle a maximum of 4000 PSI. For best results, you can use this with 2,500 PSI - 4000 PSI pressure washers.

How To Install Pressure Washer Gun:

  1. Loosen your old pressure washer attachment from your pressure washer hose (if any) by hand twisting.

  2. Check if your hose has an M22 or a ⅜ QC compatible end, if not use an adapter of either measurement.

  3. Plug your pressure washer gun into the end plug on your Pressure Washer Hose, twist until it’s tight.

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How To Install Extension Wand to your Pressure Washer gun:

  1. Once the gun is connected to the hose, you may now connect the pressure extension wand into the free end of the gun.

  2. Plug the QC end of the Extension wand into the free end of the Pressure washer gun. Twist until it's tight.

How To Install Spray Nozzles:

  1. Twist Spray Nozzle into the firing end of your pressure washer gun. Adjust to get the desired firing angle


  • Product Dimensions: 41" x 17"

  • Item Weight: 3 lbs 

Package Inclusions:

  • 1x Pressure washer gun

  • 5x Pressure washer spray nozzle

  • 1x Pressure washer 20” extension wand

  • Instruction Manual

A Pressure Washing Gun is a vital attachment to any pressure washer. Proving you options for range and coverage along with comfort and durability, it’s no wonder why Pressure washer guns are one of the most liked pressure washer attachments.

Go for a better pressure washing experience, go for this pressure washer gun NOW!