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Maintaining the cleanliness of a car’s interior is the inherent responsibility of every owner. A car collects all kinds of dirt, from wrappings, food particles, dust particles, to pet hair and other allergens.

Cleaning your car’s interior doesn’t have to be a chore. A clean and dust-free driving experience is right around the corner with help from this car vacuum. 

Why do you need our Car Vacuum?

This handheld debris decimator is there to capture all of the grime that has accumulated while you’re commuting through life.

With the aid of this car vacuum cleaner, you can eliminate dust mitesprevent bacteria from breeding, prevent mold from growing, remove pet hair and dander and make your upholstery look new again. 

The car vacuum helps maintain a healthy environment that is especially beneficial for those with pulmonary and skin allergies.

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Why buy our Car Vacuum?

This portable and lightweight car vac is designed to handle automotive applications that chop cleaning time in half while effectively removing dust particles from the deep depths of dirty upholstery.

The car vacuum’s powerful 120W motor and 3.8K PA suction thoroughly and rapidly clean the car.

Easy to use car vacuum cleaner, just insert the plug into any DC 12-volt cigarette lighter socket, then push switch forward to turn on and pull switch backward to turn off.

This product has a 15-foot power cord that comes with several nozzles which will enable you to clean every corner of your car.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: Can the vacuum be used with liquids?

Answer: Yes, this Vacuum Cleaner is designed to be used with dry and wet applications, a combination of two functions to cater to the needs of your vehicle on cleaning to provide professionals like cleanliness.

Question: How long is the cable of the vacuum?

Answer: The vacuum is equipped with a 15ft power cable that can reach the backseat of your vehicle and even the trunk for small cars.

Question: Is the filter washable?

Answer: Yes, the HEPA filters catch more dust, particulates, dander, and allergens than regular cloth filters and its stainless steel designed makes it durable and can be easily washed and reused more than 500 times.


  • Soft brush extension - pet hair and crumbs on the upholstery
  • Flat mouth nozzle - remove debris between seats
  • Flexible extension hose - clean under seats
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Simple to use:

  1.   Plugin the vacuum cleaner
  2.   Select and attach the needed attachments for effective cleaning
  3.   Press the power/start switch

How to clean the vacuum:

  1. Please make sure the vacuum is unplugged from the cigarette lighter jack
  2. Detach the dust container from the turbine
  3. Remove the filter from the turbine
  4. Clean the filter with a soft brush to remove the dust, and wash it to remove the fine dust, let it dry before fixing back to the turbine.
  5. Dump the dust and other dirt from the dust container, wash the container until fine dust is not visible. Wipe with a dry cloth before attaching to the turbine for re-using.
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⚠️ Warning: Do not wash the metal turbine. It may cause electric shock and damage to the device.


  • Materials: Premium plastic and aluminum alloy
  • Weight: 2.65 lbs
  • Dimensions: 16.3 x 4.5 x 4.7 inches (L x W x H)
  • Input Current: 6A
  • Input Voltage: DC-12v
  • Power: 120W
  • Power Cord Length: 15ft
  • Vacuum Degree: 4300-4500PA
  • Suction: 3,800 PA
  • Decibel: ≤70DB

Package Inclusion:

  • 1 * Car Vacuum Cleaner
  • 1 * Brush Mouth
  • 1 * Long Mouth
  • 1 * Soft Long Tube
  • 1 * Black Zipper Carry Bag
  • 1 * Manual
  • 2 * HEPA Filters


Pet hair can be erased and crushed crackers formerly of the fishy shape are as good as gone when met with the likes of the whirling, swirling suction of a portable car vacuum. 

Regular vacuuming and cleaning can greatly reduce the amount of bacteria and leads to healthier air and a fresher smell. 

So next time you think of getting your car cleaned at an auto shop, know that you can save money by doing it yourself. With the assistance of our car vacuum, your car can look and feel professionally cleaned.

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