The 5 Best Garden and Lawn Care Tools

The 5 Best Garden and Lawn Care Tools

Looking to make your lawn the greenest in the neighborhood? Then check out these 5 Garden Tools that are sure to give your plants a new life!


1. 4-Claw Dandelion Puller

A good quality weed puller tool is worth its weight in gold. Why? Because if they do the job right, your garden will be much easier to maintain, and you'll be required to weed less often.

Here are a few things that the top weed pullers do right.

Isolate the Weed

A good quality weed remover tool pulls up the whole weed plant effectively, and it doesn't damage the good plants in the process. The key is in how they isolate the plant and the roots you're targeting. Some of the less well made versions will damage a large area, whereas the good ones are in and out like a ninja.

Take the Whole Root System

You probably know this already, but most weeds propagate through their root systems. That means that even if you take the plant at the surface, the roots can spread and pop up in new locations. The only way to combat this is with a weed removal tool that not only gets the plant, but the whole root system too. I think you'll find that the suggestions I offer do that job quite nicely.

Save your Back

I'm a tall guy and the constant bend and straighten involved in pulling unwanted plants can really take a toll on your back. The top garden weeding tools have a long handle and a foot-operated puller, or some other clever solution. That saves a lot of wear and tear on the old spine.


2. Electric Mulcher And Leaf Shredder

Mulching is great for your lawn for a number of reasons. Whether you are mulching leaves or returning lawn clippings back into the lawn, mulching saves time, money, labor, and is a great soil amendment. There is really no need for raking, bagging or hauling away either leaves or clippings. Here are the essentials you need to know

Mulching Lawn Clippings

Almost without exception, lawn clippings should always be mulched back into the lawn. The benefits of mulching lawn clippings are too numerous and valuable to ignore. From providing nutrients for the soil to saving significant amounts of time and money, mulching the lawn clippings makes sense. Similar to mulching leaves into the lawn in the fall, lawn clippings add valuable organic matter to the soil.

Mulching Leaves Into the Soil

For fall leaves, it turns out that you should be mulching them and returning them to the lawn. If there is an abundance, use them as mulch for gardens and planting beds or as filler for your compost pile. Don't put them on the curb, especially if they are bound for the landfill. Leaves are free organic matter and should be used on the property they came from when possible.

A study from Michigan State University indicates that mulching is 100 percent beneficial for the lawn. Oak leaves and maple leaves were mulched and redistributed through the lawn and found to have a negligible or beneficial effect on turf quality and color. Mulched sugar maple leaves even displayed an inhibitory effect on broadleaf weed seeds such as dandelion.

Mulching leaves into the lawn add organic matter, which most soils are lacking. Mulched leaves get broken down by earthworms and microorganisms and turned into plant usable organic matter. In an organic lawn care environment, mulching makes perfect sense as the benefits are agronomic, financial, and environmental.


3. Hydraulic Log Splitter

A log splitter is an important tool for anyone that burns wood. They are a piece of equipment used to split firewood that is cut into sections. There are many advantages of using a log splitter. You can use this ingenious piece of equipment to chop firewood with ease.

Hydraulic Log Splitters

Most log splitters in the market feature a hydraulic pump, which means they can either have an electric or gas engine. Once it is switched on, the pump forms a stream of pressured oils that generates power to push the wedge through a log.

Using a hydraulic splitter is a convenient option for splitting wood with an axe, especially if you suffer from back problems. However, these machines do not cut well when they are forced to deal with gnarly and stringy logs. Hydraulic log splitters are available in vertical and horizontal models. They are currently quite popular.

Have you recently purchased a hydraulic log splitter but don’t know how to use it? This handy tool is a great investment if you want to cut on fuel costs for the upcoming winter months.

Depending on your personal preference and workload, you may opt for a gas or electric model. Either way, a hydraulic splitter is the most efficient type of log splitter to work with.


4. Lawn Sweeper

Raking leaves, picking up lawn debris and keeping your lawn looking beautiful is a chore. Not only can it be hard on your back and joints, the tasks seem never-ending. Enter the lawn sweeper.

What is a Lawn Sweeper?

This machine can basically replace your rake, as it can sweep up leaves, acorns, grass clippings and other debris.

Push Lawn Sweeper

A push lawn sweeper is operated manually and is suited to people with smaller lawns or those who enjoy using yard work as a form of exercise.

A lawn sweeper has a rotating sweeping brush that gathers up the lawn debris into an attached hopper bag. When the bag fills up, you empty it into a lawn bag or compost pile. Simple!

Is a Lawn Sweeper Worth It?

If you have a big yard and dislike yard cleanup tasks, then perhaps a lawn sweeper is a good choice because it saves you hours of time (and sore muscles).


5. Lawn Edger Attachment

Lawn Edgers 

There are many tools that can be used for lawn maintenance—among them are lawn edgers . These tools have similar but have different functions. Learn how and when to use them to get your lawn looking its best. With some proper lawn maintenance, you can have your lawn looking professional in no time!

Lawn Edgers

A lawn edger, also referred to as an edge trimmer, is a tool that trims and defines boundary lines in a yard. It is usually used along the edges to create division between your lawn and the surrounding sidewalk, driveway, or flowerbeds. Without edging, grass tends to grow over those boundaries, giving your lawn an unkempt and overgrown look.

Lawn edgers use a vertical spinning blade to cut cleanly for sharp and clean borders. These tools can be motorized or manual. Motorized edgers usually have a guiding wheel and a rotating blade that allows you to easily roll along the borders of your lawn. While manual edgers are often made of variations of spade tools.

Manual edgers are cheaper than motorized. But they can take more effort from the user—if you have a lot of ground to cover, it may be a good idea to invest in a motorized edger. Motorized edgers can be powered by grass or gas. Usually, gas powered is the most powerful. They are also usually heavier and noisier. Both manual and motorized edgers can give a clean edge and leave your lawn looking sharp.


Go Grow Your Greens!

And there you have it! 5 Tools that will definitely up your gardening game and make your neighbors green with envy! You can check everything out on our store, bestcargurus.com.

If you liked this article, please let us know so we can keep making more of these for you!

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